Hello.  This is the new ME.  The old me planned an around the world trip with her boyfriend for one year.  This trip lasted two months.  I blogged about it’s demise.  No, not really.  I blogged about our travel adventures in Thailand and Laos.  We then went our separate ways.  On a break.  Kinda like Friends.  They used to play episodes of friends on loop in Laos.  I’m starting to wonder if it had an effect… Anyways… Off we went.  He to Cambodia, Vietnam and China.  Me to Perth, Korea, Japan and Bali.  Kinda eat, pray, love style… We met & decided not to reunite.  I then hired a hitwoman to take him out.  It’s fun going Solo… Now, I’m wanting to share the stuff that happens next… In My So Called Life.

  1. Wendy NicAirt says:

    Miss Le Roche ur an inspiration to single women everywhere. So many people would have packed up their bags on the demise of their relationship and headed straight for home. Ur doing exactly what you set out to do and I for one think u ROCK! I’m so looking forward to reading all about your adventures. 😀 Saying all that, u still better get yourself home for a visit. hehe 😉

    Sending ya hugs

    Wendy. xx

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