“Young Love Doesn’t Last!”

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Funny Stuff, Travel Stuff
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I was visiting a friend in the Central Coast of Australia for a few days.  I was crossing the street, minding my own business. As you do… When suddenly, my friend grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the way of an oncoming car that had zoomed around the corner.  A woman stuck her head out of the car window and roared at us “Young Love doesn’t last!”.  Cackled and zoomed off into the distance.  I was literally speechless.  Mouth dropped, opened wide.  Gobsmacked… I had no quick witted response at hand to such a statement.

Parisian Art Gallery

I have pondered it ever since.  Does she mean we should not even bother?  I am guessing she is an older woman with some experience to have ever uttered such a statement.   A woman who has perhaps been in love before in her younger years and it didn’t last… Well, of course, it doesn’t last because a) We get older (even if we stay in love and then it isn’t young love anymore), b) It’s usually lust and c) if cynics like her keep yelling that out of a car window at supposed young lovers, it hardly encourages them, does it? Idiot.

Locks of Love in Paris

  I saw lots of young lovers holding hands and kissing on the streets of Paris.  I wondered what would happen if I randomly went up and roared out “Young Love Doesn’t Last!” at them.  How would they respond?  I’m sure they would laugh, utter a suitable response perhaps quoting Tennyson in French “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” & continue kissing.  Or perhaps they might utter as I am leaving “Ha Ha, Elle est un Idiot!”.  I wish I had.  Parisian’s believe in love.  Young and Old.  They weigh down their bridges with locks declaring that their heart is intertwined with another.  Until the council removes it and they find another that is…

A song for the Cynic:  Florence and The Machine, The Hardest of Hearts


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