Black or White: Beauty Cut Deep

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Fav Stuff
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While in Sydney, I saw two great movies. I saw The King’s last speech outdoors under the stars and the Black Swan indoors with popcorn smells. Both went on to win awards. Black Swan especially stayed in my mind. It is a film that shows the true bullying nature of pressure. Sydney is a cosmopolitan City like London. It also exhibits signs of the rat race design with people scurrying to and fro at certain peak hour times. People with places to be, things to do and important business people to meet and make money off. It hit a few frazzled nerves. Every Yoga Retreat I have been to sits a group of people suffering the same signs of too much pressure i.e. IBS, Headaches, Insomnia and Depression etc.., all looking for a solution. I wonder is perfection in your chosen career really worth it.

  The movie Black Swan was disturbing yet mesmerising. It also left me thinking about our inner good and dark sides. Are we inherently good or just good at keeping our dark side under control? I don’t think it is as black and white as it seems. In the movie (Spoiler Alert), Natalie Portman portrays a young, innocent ballerina who is perfect for the role of the white swan princess in the ballet. She must also play the part of the evil black swan. However, she is deemed less than perfect at being bad. She is forced to look into herself for the black swan role. The pressure upon her is immense to stay thin and perfect the roles. Yet, everything is not as it seems. She is taken advantage of again and again. By her mother, who controls her and tries to keep her as a child so she can live out her own failed ballet dreams. By a fellow ballerina, posing as a friend and taking her over to the dark side. By her teacher, who tries to seduce her on the pretence that it would be good learning for her black swan role. He now wants her to find her inner bad girl and seduce him in return. She tries very hard to please everyone and under all this pressure, slowly starts to lose her mind. The only way she can feel control is by harming herself. Her beauty is cut deeply by the sharp edge of her cutting tools. At the end of the movie, she dances the white swan role with one mistake. She falls and appears broken. As if she herself is no longer able to be herself. The black swan role is danced perfectly which highlights her conversion to the dark side.

I met a Korean girl Hye-rin while staying at a hostel in Sydney. We went to see the movie Black Swan together. We made jokes about her being a white swan and me corrupting her into a fellow black swan. We went on a wine tasting tour in the Hunter Valley. It was fun. She thought we would be learning about the old school process of making wine. I knew it was going to involve sipping lots of different tasty wines. She almost nodded off at our third winery. I gave her lots of water. We went out dancing together and had a great time. I made sure she got home safe. Not so black and white after all…


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