“Love Your Own Country”

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Fav Stuff
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  New York really is the coolest place on the planet.  It was like a crash cart, jump-start to my heart.  I fell in love immediately.  In a city that doesn’t sleep, I wanted to cram it all in.  There was too much to do and see… So, I didn’t sleep much either.  It was a frenzy on the senses.  Brooklyn was full of trendy artists.  Some friendly and others, too cool for school.  All with alternative haircuts and cool bohemian fashion sense.  I felt like I belonged.  I was immediately at home in the hippie healthy cafe’s and dingy bluesy bars.  Manhattan was full of dogs who looked like their owners…  Where shopaholics got their expensive fix & cocktails cost you twenty bucks.

  I saw a guy wearing a T-shirt saying “♥ your own Country”.  I get it.  Everyone I met wanted to live here.  Permanently.  On every corner, there was a mix of every type of restaurant available.  Mexican, Italian, Greek and Japanese…. You name it.  Shops filled with immigrants from all over.  All wanting a piece of New York… I wanted to see the naked cowboy and eat some NY pizza.  Both Famous for a reason…

  I went to a coffee shop late one friday nite.  It was packed.  People were hanging out with friends playing scrabble and drinking beer.  Others were drinking coffee, eating cookies and checking mail.  Why not at home?  I went to a friend’s apartment and immediately understood why.  It was TINY!  There was no living area.  No couch.  No nothing…  Just a tiny kitchen, a hallway you could barely fit down and two bedrooms.  Expensive too…


  No wonder everyone was out at night.  In NY, everything is on your doorstep.  Cheap, amazing food & great places to meet.  A mix of cultures and an accepting vibe.  No wonder the guy with the T-shirt is a little bit peeved… To be honest, as much as I love Ireland, I would be back on a plane in a tiny apartment in a NY minute.


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